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Our Quality


Quality is not just the value that our customers' can have, instead its' their right..

We only deliver selected products, it`s that simple. When customers bought Indonesia Stones, what they expect to be delivered is the same quality natural stones that we promised. We realize that negative experiences from our customers will come roaring back to our business. Many of our customers are those who we have had connections for years or even decades. Buying natural stone products from Indonesia can be tricky as we have so many qualities here in Indonesia, but when you trust Indonesia Stones, you can sit back, relax and trust that all goods that you expect to receive are the Selected Products. Having provided with such quality natural stone products. you'll be surprised with how competitive we are when it comes to price. Let's take a visit to our warehouse where we can proove all of our statements, please don't hesitate contact us.


How we`re able to be consistent in quality
lies on how committed we are on each operation process

Sourcing from trusted and selected partner

Indonesia Stones only source from trusted and reliable partner with consistent product time to time. Our sourcin partner are those who got the pride of what they're delivering. We've been working with our trusted source for more than 20 years.

Super Strict Screening Process

Indonesia Stones uses both computerised product storing database and human supervision to ensure products are not mixed. All screened products then will be stored in different sections with a clean and neat organisation.

Standard Operation

On every angle and every aspect of production and management process, Indonesia Stones implements international quality standards without any compromise to all the resources.

Responsive Team & Specifier

We believe that with good communication from our team of product speficier and logistic professional, we will better on delivering our products. We have expert specifiers who are experienced in understanding each query, translates it into a prototype, then present it back to the customer.

Sorting & Cleaning Process

Indonesia Stones will ensure all products went through the sorting and cleaning process. With the help of our experienced human resource, the washing and general cleaning will resulting a smooth and attractive products.

Extreme Controlling & Extra Care On Delivery

Indonesia Stones is committed to always carry out the discipline in checking the quality in every batch of production to assure the client, that all products delivered meet the standards. Indonesia Stones will not tolerate any flaw of quality.